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Interventional radiology is a specialty in which minimally invasive procedures are performed through a pinhole access. The procedures are performed with imaging guidance (X-ray,ultrasound or CT) to treat problems in various parts of the body.
Through a pinhole access into the blood vessel in the groin the interventionalist can reach the blood vessel of any organ in the body to detect and treat the problem.
Many interventional procedures have replaced open surgical procedures with the added advantage of higher safety and faster recovery.
For example, for varicose vein of the legs, laser or RF ablation has been proven to be safer and equally effective as open surgical ligation/ stripping of the veins with much less pain and faster recovery.

Best Interventional radiologist treatment in chennai and Dr.Karthikeyan Damodharan is one of the best Interventional radiologist Doctor in chennai, India.


No Stitches


Fewer Complications


Less Pain


Shorter Recovery Time



Arteries transmit oxygen-rich plasma from the heart, feeding every part of the body. The one exclusion is the pulmonary artery, which carries oxygen-poor plasma from your heart to your lungs, where it exchanges carbon dioxide for oxygen.



Veins transmit the blood back to the heart wherever it is refilled with oxygen. The afresh oxygen-rich blood gets pushed back into the heart via the pulmonary vein.





Capillaries bond the arteries to the veins. Vascular illness usually happens at sites of unbalanced blood flow. For example, when the blood movement in the arteries deviations direction suddenly.

Patient Testimonials


Perfect Proper Doctor

My Wife S.Usha had USG GUIDED LEFT THYROID LOBE CYST ABLATION Aon 07/03/24 @ MIOT BY Dr. Karthikeyan Damodaran. Right from the first day of the Consultation on Feb 24, the Doctor made the patient very confident and Dr. Clearly explained the procedure that is going to be done directly to the patient and cleared all the doubts raised by me and my wife. As we were initially very scared about the procedure as it involved the Thyroid gland, we raised several doubts. But such a Big Specialist in this field was very patient in clearing all our doubts in Distinct Tamil. His confidence in the procedure actually translated into Our Minds. On the Very Third day after the Procedure, my wife started her routine even in the Kitchen. By God's grace, we got attached to the Perfect Proper Doctor. Thanks to Dr Karthikeyan Damodaran and his team of Doctors and his Secretary for being Excellent in their field. MIOT HOSPITAL was very neat and clean, nursing quality was outstanding. Thanks once again.


RFA treatment

I underwent RFA treatmentfor my thyroid problem last year. I had a very nice experience in Miot hospital. The doctor understood my concerns and was patient in answering my questions. The treatment went well. My neck swelling has gone down considerably and I don't have to take medicine.

Indira S
Muthukumaran Annamalai

Embolisation treatment worked well

Dr. Karthikeyan sir is doing magic in his treatment we are one of the witnesses. He explained the treatment procedures clearly and done it very well. We really feel very happy about his treatment and got resolved all our pain. Thank you sir also kudos to your team for continuing the great services to the needy

Muthukumaran Annamalai

Treatment of splenic artery aneurysm

We would like to thank Dr. Karthikeyan sir for treatment of splenic artery aneurysm without surgery for my wife. He and his team explained the treatment procedures clearly and the whole process was very smooth. We feel really very happy about his treatment as the surgery would have taken long time to recover. We went for the post checkup and scan showed positive results. Thank you Dr. Karthikeyan sir and your team for making as comfortable when we had conversation. Thanks a lot for a great service.

Hari Thevachian
Aminath Nishfa

Angioplasty Treatment

Dr. Karthik, your exceptional care and the successful surgery you performed to save my mom’s leg have brought immense joy and gratitude to our family. Your kindness, jokes and reassuring smile during her check-ups have been a source of comfort and hope. We are beyond thankful for your expertise and compassionate approach to her treatment. We will never forget your kindness and the positive impact you’ve had on our lives. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

Aminath Nishfa

Uterus fibroids

I was totally amazed by the treatment provided by Dr.Karthikeyan Damodaran sir for uterus fibroids and the way he followed up. He is not only an Excellent Doctor , he is simple, superb Human being and approachable.he has clearly explained all the procedures and completely guided us on the journey. Thank you so much

Vithya Venkadesan
Viswa P

Highly professional

Highly professional and satisfied, Dr.Karthikeyan kindly approach and clearly explained. Better treatment. Thank you very much sir.

Viswa P

Uterine artery embolization for adenomyosis

My wife had uterine adenomyosis, she suffered a lot with severe back ache, abdomen cramping and continuous bleeding. We visited Dr. Karthikeyan Damodaran had uterine artery embolization for adenomyosis. She was well taken care and almost back to normal after a week. She has no pain ,we are very happy with the outcome. All these praise goes to the Dr. Karthikeyan Damodaran and his team. We are very thankful to doctor and team.

Sundar Pandian

Treatment of varicose veins

I had been suffering from chronic venous insufficiency for a long time. As an interventional cardiologist, I have to stand for long hours with a heavy lead apron in the cath lab. My legs would feel heavy and get really uncomfortable at night. After having done Glue ablation with Dr Karthikeyan, I haven’t taken a single painkiller. My legs no longer ache after a long day work. Can’t thank Dr Karthikeyan enough for being so caring. I will definitely recommend Dr Karthikeyan for the successful treatment of varicose veins.

Sachin Ramdhany
Dipti sharma

Uterine Artery embolization procedure

Dear Dr. Karthikeyan, I hope this message finds you well. I wanted to express my deepest gratitude for the exceptional care and expertise you provided during my uterine artery embolization procedure at Miot International Hospital. Having traveled all the way from Fiji, seeking a solution to alleviate the challenges posed by my fibroids, I was fortunate to find you as my doctor. Your confidence and assurance during our consultation instilled in me a sense of hope and trust in the uterine artery embolization procedure. Post the procedure, the results were nothing short of miraculous. Within two days, I felt a remarkable difference - my back pain had disappeared, and I experienced a newfound lightness. The efficiency with which I could carry out my daily tasks increased significantly, and the persistent fatigue I once battled was a thing of the past. I am truly grateful for the life-changing impact this procedure has had on me. Your skill, compassion, and dedication have not only cured my fibroids but have given me a renewed sense of life and well-being. In my eyes, you are nothing short of a miracle worker, a true blessing, and I consider you to be a Godsend. Thank you once again, Dr. Karthikeyan, for the amazing work you have done. Your commitment to your patients' well-being is truly commendable, and I am forever grateful for the positive transformation you have brought into my life. Dipti Sharma Fiji 🇫🇯

Dipti Sharma

Magic in his treatment

Dr. Karthikeyan sir is doing magic in his treatment we are one of the witnesses. He explained the treatment procedures clearly and done it very well. We really feel very happy about his treatment and got resolved all our pain. Thank you sir also kudos to your team for continuing the great services to the needy

Muthukumaran Annamalai

Catheter Directed Thrombolysis(Venous/Arterial)

I had come from Singapore with a thrombosed(clotted)AV graft through which i do dialysis in Singapore they had suggested that only thrombectomy(cutting open the graft) Can be performed to declot. Dr. Karthik Damodharan, gave the hope that he can do it as he explained it so well after good scrutiny. Sensing the urgency he immediately arranged for a thrombolysis and cleared the clot and got my AV Graft working. Am ever thankful to Dr.Karthik for the right guidance pre and post procedure and the confidence wuth which he resolved my Problem.

Priyadarsini Gopi

Embolization Treatment

Initially my issue started with heavy bleeding and a long time period.. consulted a gynecologist who prescribed harmone tablets and suggested for uterus removal. Luckily met Dr. KARTHIK who suggested to attend the camp at MIOT hospital. After scanning diagnozed Adenomyosis and suggested for Embolization treatment. It is more than 7 weeks now after the procedure. I am fine with normal period pain. Suggesting this procedure as i am now mentally stress free. Thanks to the Doctor for the timely suggestion.

Priyadarsini Gopi

Nice treatment good response

Nice treatment good response from DR.karthikeyan damodaran sir he's SPEAKING WAY IS NICE TO EAR...whenever we are asking a question about the patient problem he was giving a proper response to the patient

Sudha Thiyagu

Intervention procedure

We consulted Dr.Karthikeyan sir for my mother with complaints of Thigh pain and We have done USG guided left greater trochanderic injection... Doctor Sir was very kind and explaining all to patient and family and his kindness gave my mother enough confidence and his intervention procedure saved my mother from very major surgery at this old age with other complications which will be very difficult for me to manage. And I am now completely alright. We wholeheartedly thank Dr and team.


Glue Abilation Treatment

The procedure went smoothly as clearly explained beforehand by the doctor . Almost painless procedure and was even able to walk out of the hospital . Glue abilation treatment for varicose veins .

Sunil John

Femoral & Illiac vein venoplasty

Hiiii..... When I visited Dr. Karthikeyan Damodharan I was diagnosed with acute cellulitis and chronic venous ulcer secondary to recurrent Deep vein Thrombosis(DVT) having very severe pain at the ulcer site. When I got admitted in the MIOT Hospital several test were done like CT venogram, Doppler test, Few blood tests and after reviewing the reports, Dr Karthikeyan Damodharan advised me for stenting surgery because I was having recurring DVT and explained me about it everything then I thought about it and yes this is the best option for me as I would mostly not having such episodes in future. I had surgery with interventional radiology there was no scar at the site and no general anesthesia. It was simple procedure with not much pain . I had undergone right common femoral & Illiac vein venoplasty and stenting. After the surgery I was feeling alot Better than before and no pain at the ulcer site and within one week I was walking ,travelling normally without any pain. Now after 5-6 weeks the ulcer is also almost healed which I expected it might take time as I read about the chronic venous ulcer cases online. All thanks to Dr. Karthikeyan Damodharan now I'm all well and doing my daily activities normally like working travelling and without any pain. I'm greatfull to him.Thanks Dr Karthikeyan Damodharan...........

Ankit Mishra

Pulmonary Embolism Treatment

I was diagnosed for PE. Dr.Karthikeyan explained me on the pulmonary embolism thrombectomy procedure in a simple way. He created confidence within me before the surgery.I trusted him completely. He was very confident while doing the surgery which exhibits his expertise. Well experienced doctor and a master in his profession. He has saved my life. Thanks a lot to him.

Muthukumaran B
Avinash Sam jose

I highly recommend this RFA procedure to those who are suffering from varicose related problems

I was diagnosed with Varicose and Dr. Karthikeyan Damodharan briefed me to undergo RFA (Radio frequency ablation) procedure,which is a new technology to treat varicose problems. Since, the technology is not known to many. I had my doubts, but Dr. Karthikeyan Damodharan and Dr. Avinash walked me through the process and I underwent a painless RFA procedure. My thoughts of a painful post-op days were wrong. I didn't feel any pain and went back to my daily routine in 2 days time. I highly recommend this RFA procedure to those who are suffering from varicose related problems.

Avinash Sam jose

Dr.’s treatment and methods of approaching are Excellent

My life partner had suffered due to Varicose vein for last 5 years. But after taking proper treatment and RFA procedure with Dr. Karthikeyan Damodharan, now she is alright and leads usual activities as usual within a month time. Simply, Dr.'s treatment and methods of approaching patients are Excellent.



Thankful to DR KARTIKEYAN and team for successful ANGIOPLASTY/STENTING done to my father and avoid amputation. My father is fine and healthy within 10 days after surgery and he is back to his normal life. Doctors are so friendly and explaining every detail to patient about their angioplasty and precautions and care need to be taken after surgery Thank you Dr.Kartikeyan and Team

Hemapriya Tirupathi
Vidhya Subramanian

Subsequently, thrombolysis, angioplasty and stenting

My husband is pro-thrombotic, in addition, he has been battling other complications, MIOT has been our choice of hospital since 2014. Just ahead of his periodic review this month, he had spontaneously developed discomfort, crippling pain while walking and discoloration of the right leg big toe and foot. This was duly reported during the routine review and hence was referred for further evaluation and review by Dr Karthikeyan Damodharan, Director - Vascular and Interventional Radiology. Dr Karthikeyan Damodharan examined and investigated the condition and after taking time to go over the diagnosis and my husband's existing health complications and our concerns, clearly explained the underlying condition, treatment options, the urgency of the hour & complications that can arise due to delay and the best available choice in a manner which put us both at ease and made us confident as the entire interaction was filled with both personal touch and care for the patient while ensuring we were better informed to make the right decision.

Vidhya Subramanian

I recommend the doctor

I just go throw a surgery and also he was about to give an injection to settled my blood flow.However everything was taken care properly and he was so kind to explain Everytime it was required.His behavior and the approach to the facts were wonderful.I would like to refer all my family and Friend for him also i am great full that i have been treated by him

Md.Rozar Ibna Azad

I recommend the doctor

I have seen many doctors in past 12 years for my problems but I never seen like Dr.karthikeyan Damodharan. So friendly,cool,sincere ,talented.He takes special care after the surgery also. God gave life to me .Dr.karthikeyan Damodharan gave new life to me.My problem is a unique one but Doctor made this success and I am fine and happy now.I will be thankful for Dr.karthikeyan Damodharan through out my


I recommend the doctor

The treatment that I received from Dr. Karthikeyan Dhamodharan was excellent. He is so friendly and ensure that I am properly informed about my health and care. Dr. Karthikeyan Dhamodharan did a great job with my first ever surgery i;e Angioplasty. He explained everything to me in a very clear manner and now my health is very fine. Dr. Karthikeyan Dhamodharan took great care of my health. He really took his time to explain my conditions with me as well as my treatment options. He relates well to people and listens to our concerns and takes appropriate action on the symptoms. He always takes the time to explain things to me in terms that I can understand well. I am highly grateful for his kindness and concern. Thank u doctor

Soniya S
Jayant Krishnaswami

A big thank you

Under the overall supervision and guidance of Dr. Karthikeyan and alongwith Dr. Avinash, I underwent an AV Fistula angioplasty on October 9th, 2021. Initially sceptical of the outcome of this procedure, as I have been having complications with dialysis using the AV Fistula, my treatment had to have alternatives if this Angioplasty failed for any reason which I could not immediately perceive. The procedure went very smoothly save mild discomfort lasting about an hour. I was able to see from beginning to the end the origin of the problem requiring the procedure, and the entire procedure itself wherein the angioplasty cleared the blocks from the upper arm enabling the use of the fistula for dialysis. Both doctors attending on me showed expertise in their field of vascular surgery, and for me personally a new lease of life. I would unhesitatingly recommend others having blocked blood vessels to contact Dr. Karthikeyan Damodaran and Dr. Avinash at MIOT International Hospitals in Chennai. A big thank you to both doctors and their team for an efficient and effective procedure to clear blocks in the blood vessel and render an otherwise defunct fistula active again. Jayant Krishnaswami

Jayant Krishnaswami

I recommend the doctor

My Father had Covid infection with Jejunal (small bowel bleeding) Diverticular bleeding. He has identified the bleeding vessel precisely in CT Abdominal Angiogram and suggested interventional management for it in Cathlab. Within no time he made the Cathlab ready and shifted him to it. Sir has successfully done coil embolisation of the active bleeding artery in Cathlab under local anesthesia and arrested the bleeding... He saved the life of my father even in this COVID pandemic and my father is discharged from hospital and doing good now. Thank you sir for your timely and precise expert interventional management...


I recommend the doctor

I would like to express my gratitude to Dr. Karthikeyan Damodharan! His attitude was very friendly, the treatment was very professional. I highly recommend him as a high specialist and a good person!

Valerii Reznik

Extremely Good

Our 1st experience was extremely good. Our friend Dr.Aravind referred us to Dr. Karathikaeyan. He is a friendly person and explained everything clearly to us. It's about a month now, the surgery is done. My mother's leg is recovering and a great change is visible. Sincerely recommend the doctor

Suby R

Multiple Fibroids Treatment

I was diagnosed with Multiple Fibroids, Endometriosis cyst and Adenomyosis, a few years back and suffered from excessive bleeding, exhaustion, pain, anemia and bloating. Doctors I consulted suggested a Hysterectomy. I wanted to avoid undergoing a surgery, that when I heard about Fibroid Uterine Artery Embolization, I was a little skeptical but decided to get it done after the Doctor explained about the procedure.I had pain for 10-15 hours post-procedure, I was given adequate pain killers and was well taken care. I was on my feet within 24 hours, I had tiredness and mild discomfort for 3-4 days. I was almost back to normal after a week. Dr.Karthikeyan Damodharan , Dr.Malla Avinash and their team were easy to reach (before, during and after the procedure). There was improvement in my first cycle itself. Its 4 months since the procedure, now my periods are normal and there is no pain, I am a healthy person now and my hemoglobin level is almost normal. I am very happy with the outcome.

M Uma Maheswari

I recommend the doctor

Hi, This is victor i recently got my stunt done by Dr,karthikeyan. It was a wonder full experience and every thing was very smooth. it is possible only because of the approach of the doctor and the way he handles the peasant i strongly appreciate Dr, karthikeyan and recommend. may his work continue and have a grate blessed life. thank you Dr.karthikeyan.


I recommend the doctor

I was diagnosed for PE. Dr.Karthikeyan explained me on the pulmonary embolism thrombectomy procedure in a simple way. He created confidence within me before the surgery.I trusted him completely. He was very confident while doing the surgery which exhibits his expertise. Well experienced doctor and a master in his profession. He has saved my life. Thanks a lot to him.

Muthukumaran B
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