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Endovascular treatment of arterial aneurysm

Aneurysm is an abnormally dilated segment of blood vessel, which can rupture over time due to weakening of the vessel wall in that segment.

The procedure is performed under aseptic conditions in the angiography suite by an interventional radiologist (doctor). During the procedure, local anaesthesia (pain killer) is injected into the skin at the access site to prevent discomfort. An injection of a mild sedative can also be given to ensure that you are comfortable and relaxed during the procedure.


Initially, an angiogram is performed to plan the treatment through a pin hole access in the groin. The dilated blood vessel can be blocked off with metal coils or by placing appropriately sized stent grafts within dilated segments so the blood flows through the stent graft without filling the dilated portion.  These are treated Over time the dilated segment shrinks and the flow is maintained through the stent graft.

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