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Endovascular treatment of arterial aneurysm / pseudo aneurysms

Pseudoaneurysm or false aneurysm Is an abnormal dilated segment of blood vessel due to the weakening of part of the blood vessel wall. This is more dangerous than true aneurysm as the risk of rupture is quite high.

The treatment depends on the size and the location of the pseudo aneurysm.

The procedure is performed under aseptic conditions in the angiography suite by an interventional radiologist (doctor). During the procedure, local anaesthesia (pain killer) is injected into the skin at the access site to prevent discomfort. An injection of a mild sedative can also be given to ensure that you are comfortable and relaxed during the procedure.

Groin pseudo aneurysm (marked with the      ) is treated by injecting a medicine (thrombin) directly into the dilated portion of the vessel to promote instant clotting of the pseudo aneurysm without affecting the normal segment of vessel.

Pseudo aneurysms (PA) of the deeper arteries supplying major organs can be treated in several ways depending upon the vessel involved and its location. If the PA arises from a small branch which can be safely sacrificed, metal coils are placed to block that branch.


If the PA arising from a major vessel, stenting of the affected treatment the exclude the dilated portion can be performed to preserve the flow in the major vessel.


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