Intra- arterial Peptide Receptor Radionuclide therapy (PRRT) administration for Neuro endocrine tumours

This procedure is similar to TARE and is performed to treat neuro endocrine tumours. The procedure is performed under aseptic conditions in the angiography suite. During the procedure, local anaesthesia (pain killer) is injected into the skin at the access site to prevent discomfort. An injection of a mild sedative can also be given to ensure that you are comfortable and relaxed during the procedure. The medicine is directly administered in to the arterial branches which supplies the tumour using a catheter (fine tube) introduced through a pinhole in the groin. The medicine consists of peptide molecules tagged with radioactive pharmaceuticals. Since the peptide molecule binds specifically to a marker on the tumour cells, all the medicine injected will only attach to the tumour cells and thereby have maximum impact on the tumour without any effect on the healthy normal tissue.