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Venous access catheter placements

Under imaging guidance, local anaesthesia (numbing injections), access is obtained in to the veins of the neck, chest, arm or groin as required. The following types of catheters can be placed as per the needs of the patient.

  1. PICC – usually placed in the arm veins for administering intravenous medications for a duration up to 3 months.



II. Tunelled Central venous catheter – usually placed in the neck vein. The catheter is tunnelled under the skin to minimise the risk of infection. This catheter is used for dialysis or give IV medications for long term (3-12 months)

III. Venous port – The access port is placed under the skin and the catheter is tunnelled under the skin to enter the neck vein. Since the device is placed completely under skin, it has the least chance of getting infected. It is usually inserted for chemotherapy use for long period of time (can be kept even for up to 2 years.

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